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Insurance is important. Instead of letting your team or your family suffer, give them the best of the best with our help!

Come equipped with the insurance you deserve with Affordable Employee Benefits!

Give your employees the best

A big part of providing coverage is ensuring your employees get the coverage they need most. When you need help, we’re always here.

Innovative solutions

What works for one company doesn’t necessarily work for another. We will find the most creative, customized, and affordable solution for you.


Experience and expertise

For over 30 years, we’ve been dedicated to providing the highest possible level of service. No matter what you need, we’ll go extra mile to provide it.


Keep your employees covered

If you got sick and were unable to work, wouldn't you want the right insurance coverage for your needs? Your employees deserve the same!

Affordable Employee Benefits has provided top tier service to several organizations of all different sizes and industries for more than 30 years. We specialize in employee benefits, and our experts will work closely with you to develop the best benefit plan for your employees. After you select a benefit plan our team will provide you with the ultimate customer service.


Section 125 Cafeteria Plans

Affordable Employee Benefits will always have your company's best interests in mind.

A cafeteria plan might be the most beneficial type of coverage for you and your employees. These plans provide savings and incentives for the employer and the employees. Here are some advantages of a Cafeteria Plan.

Types of cafeteria plans

• Premium Only Plans   • Flexible Spending Accounts   • Full Cafeteria Plans


Employee Benefits

• Savings on FICA taxes

• Increase in net income

• Easy way to offset healthcare expenses


Employer Benefits  

• Reduces payroll taxes

• Lessen insurance costs

• Reduce retirement plan expenses

• Savings on insurance premiums

• Administration fees are tax deductible


Don't let health care stand in your way. Instead, get the dependable help you deserve with our experts!

Insurance benefits are a big part of living a healthy life. Come equipped with the best Affordable Employee Benefits!

You may click on this link to review a summary about the Section 125 Cafeteria Plans. This is a great tool you can utilize in order to better understand how a cafeteria plan will benefit you and your employees. CLICK HERE!

Healthcare Reform & Reporting

It is vital that employers stay well informed on the new rules and regulations under the Affordable Care Act. Trying to handle the new health care laws along with day to day operations of a business can be challenging. Affordable Employee Benefits specializes in Obamacare, and we will ensure that your group plan is in compliance.

We offer compliance services to:

• Individuals

• Small Employers

• Large Employers

A few important topics include:

• 1095c reporting

• Cafeteria Plan Compliance

• ERISA Forms

• Employer Shared Responsibility

• Grandfathered Plans

• Annual Reporting for Small and Large Employers

Affordable Employee Benefits strives to make the new healthcare compliance and reporting requirements as simple as possible for our clients. We provide Employee Navigator software to streamline this process. You may view the links below to obtain more insight about this software.

Simplified ACA Compliance

Employee Navigator 1095 & 1094 Reporting


Benefit Administration Technology

Affordable Employee Benefits wants to help you in every aspect of your benefit plan. We have made a huge effort and spent a lot of time learning new software programs that will help with administration. We offer special software that will ensure your compliance, provide tools to stream line the administrative burden, and communication with high end technology vendors used by millions of customers.

Please view the content below to get an introduction to the software that we provide and see how it will help manage your benefits.

Introduction to Employee Navigator

About Employee Navigator

Manage Your Benefits With Employee Navigator

Serving Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, & Alabama

You're always covered

No matter where you live, we can be sure you have the choices you deserve!

Our team is proud to provide coverage across four different states to ensure you can always find the best possible choices, no matter where you live. Our experts have over 30 years of experience, guaranteeing you the best possible options for your unique needs. We will assist in the design, implementation, communication, and monitoring of new changes in your plan.

From group to individual options, we're always here to help!


Other Services Offered

• Benchmark summary

• You may click on this link to view the industry standards and see how your company's benefit plan compares to others in the same area.


• HR Tools

• The following links will be very helpful to your Human Resources Department.

These files will offer guidance and advice on how your HR department can easily complete new hire paperwork and simplify benefit tracking.

Advantages of Benchmarking Your Benefits Program

Employee Navigator Onboarding

Streamline Benefits with Employee Navigator